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mpmath is a library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic. It uses Python's native long type or gmpy2's mpz type for computations. It is available at

The test suite can be run directly from the source tree. The test suite includes timing information for individual tests and for the the entire test. Sample invocation:

~/src/mpmath-0.19/mpmath/tests$ time py36 -local

For example, I've tried to optimize gmpy2's handling of binary operations between its mpz type and short Python integers. I've found it to provide useful results: improvements that are significant on a micro-benchmark (say 20%) will usually cause a small but repeatable improvement. And some improvements that looked good on a micro-benchmark would slow down mpmath.

I ran the mpmath test suite with Python 3.6 and with the fastint6 patch. The overall increase when using Python long type was about 1%. When using gmpy2's mpz type, there was a slowdown of about 2%.

I will run more tests tonight.
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