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Author martin.panter
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Date 2016-02-03.03:00:17
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See Issue 8706 discussing adding keyword support to library functions in general.

Functions the first patch affects:

* zlib.compress(data, level=...): still relevant; see Issue 26243
* compressobj(memlevel=...): fixed in documentation in revision fdb5d84f9948 instead
* compressobj.compress(data): still relevant, but little benefit IMO
* compressobj.flush(mode=...): still relevant; little benefit
* zlib.decompress(data, wbits=..., bufsize=...): still relevant
* decompressobj.decompress(data, max_length=...): still relevant
* decompressobj.flush(length=...): still relevant, but not worthwhile IMO; see Issue 23200

Most of the pep8 patch looks like pointless noise, and a lot of the remaining bits have probably already been addressed.
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