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If the following function is saved in

def encode(inputLetters):
    code = {'C':'D', 'F':'E'}
    return set(code[x] for x in inputLetters)

and the following code is used to create a symtable for this function:

import symtable

if __name__ == "__main__":
    fileName = ''
    f = open(fileName, 'r')
    source =
    table = symtable.symtable(source, fileName, 'exec')
    children = table.get_children()
    for childTable in children:
        symbols = childTable.get_symbols()
        for s in symbols:
            if (not s.is_referenced()):
                print ("Unused symbol '%s' in function '%s'"
                       % (s.get_name(), childTable.get_name()))

then is_referenced() returns false for the 'code' symbol.

If the following function is saved instead:

def encode2(inputLetters):
    code = {'C':'D', 'F':'E'}
    return [ code[x] for x in inputLetters ]

then is_referenced() returns true for the 'code' symbol.

Possibly I'm misunderstanding what is_referenced() means, but I thought it should return true in both cases?
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