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Date 2016-01-28.08:48:27
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> The patch is missing the "errors" parameter of PyUnicode_DecodeLocale.

Woops, I shouldn't write patch in the middle of the night :-) Hopefully, I didn't push it :-) PyUnicode_DecodeLocale() should only be used when the encoding depends on the *currenet* value of LC_CTYPE.

Here, the ANSI code page is fine, and so PyUnicode_DecodeFSDefault() should be used instead.

> socket_getnameinfo also decodes as UTF-8

Hum, let met try a new patch. It decodes hostname from the ANSI code page on Windows for:

* socket.getnameinfo()
* socket.gethostbyaddr()
* socket.gethostbyname_ex()

The behaviour on other platforms is unchanged.
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