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Date 2016-01-27.17:45:27
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During the transition from python 2.7.10 to 2.7.11 some code seems to have been lost. platform.linux_distribution() is not able to recognise Debian based distributions in python 2.7.11.

The following code was present in, python 2.7.10, but seems to be missing in 2.7.11

# check for the LSB /etc/lsb-release file first, needed so
# that the distribution doesn't get identified as Debian.
        with open("/etc/lsb-release", "rU") as etclsbrel:
            for line in etclsbrel:
                m =
                if m:
                    _u_distname =
                m =
                if m:
                    _u_version =
                m =
                if m:
                    _u_id =
            if _u_distname and _u_version:
                return (_u_distname, _u_version, _u_id)
    except (EnvironmentError, UnboundLocalError):
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