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Author ikelly
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Date 2016-01-27.17:25:33
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I was playing around with this class for adapting regular iterators to async iterators using BaseEventLoop.run_in_executor:

import asyncio

class AsyncIteratorWrapper:

    def __init__(self, iterable, loop=None, executor=None):
        self._iterator = iter(iterable)
        self._loop = loop or asyncio.get_event_loop()
        self._executor = executor

    async def __aiter__(self):
        return self

    async def __anext__(self):
            return await self._loop.run_in_executor(
                    self._executor, next, self._iterator)
        except StopIteration:
            raise StopAsyncIteration

Unfortunately this fails because when next raises StopIteration, run_in_executor swallows the exception and just returns None back to the coroutine, resulting in an infinite iterator of Nones.
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