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The dtoa.c occurrence is also straightforward to fix. It's coming from this declaration:

    static const double tinytens[] = { 1e-16, 1e-32, 1e-64, 1e-128,

We need to be a tiny bit careful here, since dtoa.c is fragile code and relies on exact representation of some floats. But this isn't one of them: the only thing that tinytens is used for is getting a first approximation to the correct strtod conversion before the main iteration kicks in.

So replacing that last tinytens value with a suitably precise constant should be okay. The *exact* value of the constant we need is 0x1.8062864ac6f43p-745, or in decimal: 


But 8.112963841460668e-225 should be good enough (along with a comment explaining why the expression was changed). If MSVC supported C99's hex constants, we could just use 0x1.8062864ac6f43p-745. But it doesn't. :-(
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