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Author vstinner
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Date 2016-01-18.11:06:32
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> A patch was proposed in issue16956. And issue17611 is related.

I don't see directly the link between this issue and the issue17611, but cool if it helps to implement new optimizations :-)

I compared my patch with issue16956 patch:

* my patch mentions also the change in Lib/importlib/
* my patch updates also
* my patch updates also Objects/lnotab_notes.txt
* issue16956 patch changes compiler_while(), this change is not directly related to making line number delta signed

Additionally, my patch uses better names in the peephole optimizer, but it's not directly related to the issue. By the way, this change should be commited in a separated patch.

I prefer to push my recent. By the way, it's up to date, whereas issue16956 patch requires a rebase.
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