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Author fviard
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Date 2016-01-13.22:46:42
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Come on, please stop trying to close the issue so fast without deeply thinking about it.

A lot of years without a "detailed" bug report indicating the root cause is not a "proof" that there is no bug. Otherwise, you can say that there is no more bug in python, because people used it for 15 years...

The issue looks easy with the explanation and the test case, but it took me a lot of hours of investigation to figure out the origin of the freeze of python that I was lucky to be able to reproduce because of good specific conditions. And so I was able to try to have stack traces to find the origin of the issue. But race conditions like that are hard to catch, and to investigate but can bit anyone.

Please tell me what is unusual for you with this testcase? The sleeps are here to put you in the "good"/bad condition, but you can remove it and try to run the testcase 1 million times to be in the standard race condition situation...
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