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Author berker.peksag
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Date 2016-01-13.19:41:38
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Thanks, Senthil. My comment was for Vajrasky's patch, not for the whole argparse switch. We need to add tests for the old getopt code first to avoid regressions. After 0aa46b9ffba3, if we add tests we won't be able to test the old interface.

My other comments:

* SilentGhost needs to fill the contributor's agreement form. We generally accept trivial patches without asking CA, but I think we can't accept 0aa46b9ffba3 without one since the patch is huge.
* I don't think we add reST formatted docstring to stdlib. The javadoc style one in Trace.__init__() is 13 years old so we can ignore it.
* I also have some minor comments, but I don't think they are important at this point :)
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