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Indeed. Here is another version of the script, it crashes when I set PYTHONHASHSEED=1 and passes with PYTHONHASHSEED=3::

class Meta(type):
    def __new__(meta, clsname, bases, methods):
        cls = super(Meta, meta).__new__(meta, clsname, bases, methods)
        count = 0
        for name in vars(cls):
            if name.startswith('f_'):
                print('decorate', name)
                count += 1
                setattr(cls, name, getattr(cls, name))
        assert count == 8
        return cls

class Spam2(metaclass=Meta):
    def f_1(self): pass
    def f_2(self): pass
    def f_3(self): pass
    def f_4(self): pass
    def f_5(self): pass
    def f_6(self): pass
    def f_7(self): pass
    def f_8(self): pass
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