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Marc-Andre: This is a fix or workaround for the problem I first described in <>. It looks like the code was written by Geert Jansen in Issue 21965. I suspect it is not right, but I am not familiar enough with the Open SSL API to be certain.

Geert: can you shed any light on why ssl_io_loop() in /Lib/test/ catches SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL and immediately retries the call? I found that when the call is unwrap(), and the remote end has shut down the TCP connection without a secure SSL-level shutdown, this calls unwrap() over and over in an infinite loop.

Geert’s comment, that my latest patch removes, mentions a spurious SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL for non-blocking IO, especially for SSL_shutdown(), which is what the Python-level unwrap() method calls. Even though the OS-level socket is blocking, I guess from Open SSL’s point of view it is doing non-blocking IO through the BIO interface.

The manual page <> does mention a quirk with SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, but only for a return value of zero, indicating the operation is half done. Python’s SSL module does not seem to pay any attention to any error codes if SSL_shutdown() returns zero; see <>. It just retries once, and then either returns the socket or None, never raising an exception. When the infinite loop problem occurs, the SSL_shutdown() return value is negative, indicating failure.
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