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Author Christoph Böddeker
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Date 2016-01-09.18:36:25
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That's true. Now I have finde the reason.

Someone has changed a function in lib/python3.5/ : _vformat.
This function returns now a tuple (befor it was only one return value).

IPython inherits from this object in lib/python3.5/site-packages/IPython/utils/
Because of this change the IPython code is not working.

It seems to me, that this change in python is not nessesary.

I don't, know how to find the commit, message who has changed this and why.

Python 3.5.0:
def _vformat( ..., auto_arg_index=0):
    format_spec = self._vformat( ..., auto_arg_index=auto_arg_index)
    return ''.join(result)

Python 3.5.1:
def _vformat( ..., auto_arg_index=0):
    format_spec, auto_arg_index = self._vformat( ..., auto_arg_index=auto_arg_index)
    return ''.join(result), auto_arg_index
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