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Date 2016-01-07.22:11:11
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You asked what reductor(4) returns in Python 3.5.0:

> /usr/lib/python3.5/
-> rv = reductor(4)
(Pdb) reductor(4)
(<function __newobj__ at 0x7f7a5f77e158>, (<class 'Cython.Compiler.FlowControl.NameAssignment'>,), None, None, None)

And this is completely reasonable:

(Pdb) p rv
(<function __newobj__ at 0x7f7a5f77e158>, (<class 'Cython.Compiler.FlowControl.NameAssignment'>,), None, None, None)
(Pdb) p rv[0](*rv[1])

I'm doing another debug build of Python to get more information about which extra bit of basicsize is getting added to trigger the TypeError.
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