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Date 2016-01-05.13:04:25
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The up to date module installation docs are at:


However, legacy deep links still resolve to the old docs:


Those link out to, the link is buried in a longish note, rather than being highlighted as a more obvious See Also link.

The top level landing page in the Python 2.7 docs also still links to the legacy docs rather than the new ones, and the "(Legacy)" notation hasn't been appended to the headings on the legacy docs the way it has in 3.x.

There's a few long hanging fruit for cleanup here:

* add See Also links to the modern docs from the legacy docs
* append the (Legacy) suffix in the 2.x docs
* fix the 2.x top level docs page to link to the new docs rather than the legacy ones
* link to the legacy docs from the distutils package docs in 2.7 (as has already been done in 3.x)
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