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> Did anyone consider moving these near the “types” module, either directly inside, or as a “” submodule? In my mind, these ABCs would fit reasonably well there. They are related to built-in types, but do not have built-in names.

Big -1.  Let's avoid nesting 'abc' modules throughout the standard library.  One of the good practices in Python is to import modules, not classes from modules.  With '' I'll have to import 'from types import abc', and then, in the code, I won't be so sure which 'abc' is it -- 'abc', '', '' etc.

Putting ABCs in the 'types' module directly also doesn't feel right and can confuse users.  'types' already contains things like 'GeneratorType', 'CoroutineType' etc, which are actual types (not ABCs).
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