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> @Steve Great, so what needs to be done so that I as a package developer can do `pip install windows-build-system`, `python bdist_wheel` and it actually creates a wheel? (which AFAICT is the same problem).

Hi Henry, I expect progress on the mingw-w64 front within the next few months. There'll be a status update with some more concrete plans soon. Also, has appeared last week - a few wheels have been set in motion.

> The advice has always been "Visual Studio X" is what is needed, and for 3.5 onwards that becomes "Visual Studio 2015 or later".

Hi Steve, that's actually not very useful advice for the scientific Python community. While things like C99 compliance are or could get better, there will always be a large Fortran-shaped hole in your suggestion. See my post above (from May 19) for more details.
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