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Author zach.ware
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Date 2015-12-09.07:45:51
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Attached is a patch that adds support for ICC to configure, making it easier to build with ICC on Unix and adjusting arguments to better fit ICC.

- Adds '--with-icc' argument to configure, which sets 'CC=icc' and 'CXX=icpc'
- Adds support for ICC PGO
- Prevents '-Wno-unused-result' from being added to CFLAGS if CC=icc (issue24709)
- Adds '-fp-model strict' to BASECFLAGS (I'm not 100% sure that's the right place, perhaps CFLAGS_NODIST would be better?).  Adding '-fp-model strict' clears up all the failures on the Ubuntu ICC Non-Debug buildbot, and most of the failures I get on OSX with -O3.  From a quick run of the 'math' benchmarks ( -b math), adding '-fp-model strict' does not hurt performance (with the flag was always faster or negligibly slower).

Be sure to run autoreconf before testing.
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