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Date 2015-12-09.04:38:42
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It looks like the Programs/python.exp change was done accidentally in revision 88a532a31eb3 (Issue 18093), so we should be safe reverting the relevant lines back to Modules/python.exp.

The configure script currently sets


However there is a contradictory comment in the makefile:

# This goes into $(exec_prefix)

It looks like the comment came first. $(LIBPL) was changed from $(LIBDIR) [presumably using $(exec_prefix)] to use $(prefix) in r86731 (Issue 9807).

This isn’t my area of expertise, but my understanding is $(exec_prefix) is for architecture-specific files only. If python.exp is not architecture-specific, perhaps it should go in $(prefix), and the configure script (and makefile comment) needs fixing.
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