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Date 2015-12-08.19:29:33
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AIX requires helper scripts to build Python shared extension modules.  The definitions and Makefile installation rules have bitrotted.

      @if [ -s Programs/python.exp -a \

except python.exp is created in Modules/python.exp, not Programs.exp

               $(INSTALL_DATA) Programs/python.exp             \

Post-substitution Makefile.pre:

LIBPL=          $(LIBDEST)/config-$(LDVERSION)

                BLDSHARED="\$(srcdir)/Modules/ld_so_aix \$(CC) -bI:\$(srcdir)/Modules/python.exp"
                LDSHARED="\$(BINLIBDEST)/config/ld_so_aix \$(CC) -bI:\$(BINLIBDEST)/config/python.exp"

which is forever enshrined in

In other words, configure sets LDSHARED to $(BINLIBDEST)/config, which does not exist in current installations.  And Makefile installs the files in LIBPL, which is based on LIBDEST (prefix and exec_prefix could be different).

And the files are not installed, because the installation tests Programs/python.exp instead of Modules/python.exp.

Changing to test Modules/python.exp is easy enough as a partial fix.

What is the preferred location to install the files so that and can be adjusted to match each other?
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