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Date 2015-12-05.00:01:03
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You can send CTRL_C_EVENT to a process group. But it requires the group leader to manually enable Ctrl+C handling. Initially it's disabled when creating a process with CREATE_NEW_PROCESS_GROUP. 

The attached script demonstrates sending CTRL_C_EVENT to a process group. The child process is the group leader, so CTRL+C event processing has to be manually enabled in it by calling SetConsoleCtrlHandler(NULL, FALSE). This flag gets inherited by the grandchild process. Example output:

    Process 0300: created process 0464
    Process 0464: created process 0456
    Process 0464: received CTRL+C
    Process 0456: received CTRL+C

That said, given that MSDN [erroneously] claims that this isn't possible, probably the subprocess docs should only mention sending CTRL_BREAK_EVENT.
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