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Before I got the "one line patch" on stackoverflow, I tried creating a new environment with Python 2.7.10 and did *not* get the error message I got with Python 3.5.0.  Here's an outline of what I did:

1) Created a new environment to use Python 2.7.10: conda create --name python2.7.10 python=2.7.10
2) Installed matplotlib package within it: conda install --name python2.7.10 matplotlib
3) Installed seaborn package within it: conda install --name python2.7.10 seaborn

When I started Python within this environment (verified it was version 2.7.10 with "print(sys.version)"), and did "import matplotlib.pyplot" and "import seaborn", the FileNotFoundError message did not appear.  So the problem appears to be associated with Python3, not Python2.

Hope this helps.
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