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Date 2015-11-24.12:06:23
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Hi all,

This is Florin Papa from the Server Languages Optimizations Team at Intel Corporation.

The patch submitted here solves a crash occurring on Python 2.7 after running pybench from (python -r -b pybench base_python modified_python). The error appears when trying to display the results of the run because the PyBenchBenchmarkResult class does not include the attribute "always_display".

Here is the error message received:
File "../benchmarks/", line 2574, in main
    if result.always_display:
AttributeError: 'PyBenchBenchmarkResult' object has no attribute 'always_display'

To apply the patch please follow these steps:

hg clone
cd benchmarks/
copy fix_pybench_results.patch to the current directory
hg import --no-commit fix_pybench_results.patch

Thank you,
Florin Papa
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