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Date 2015-11-16.18:58:14
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The reason I suggested the ABC for context managers is mostly to provide a way to help people make sure to implement __enter__() and to provide a default __exit__() which has the proper signature (I personally always forget how many arguments __exit__() takes and what the arguments are past the first one). The type part of this feature request is because I realized that a type hint of "context manager" isn't really useful, but "context manager returning ..." is since a `with` statement does introduce a new variable. IOW none of this has anything to do with isinstance() and it's all about easing the use of the context manager interface and proper type hints for the `with` statement.

As for a new module analogous to the `types` module just for ABCs, that's fine by me. I had the same reaction you did, Raymond, about putting it in I can open another issue for that idea and leave this open as it's somewhat orthogonal to what I'm proposing.
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