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Author Robin Roth
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Date 2015-11-14.14:26:11
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Antoine's suggestion does not work, because "dirname" does not cover enough cases (for example trailing slash, possibly more).

As suggested by him I now use realpath (instead of abspath). I can't come up with a symlink-situation that is broken with the old code, but realpath is what "ismount" actually means.

I also added a testcase that resembles the issue, i.e. it fails with the old code and passes with the fix. 

I mock the "Permission denied" by raising a generic OSError. Mocking can not resemble every real-life situation but by simulating all issues reporting and then fixing them, one should get a solid test coverage. 

I also took the liberty of minor cleanup in/around the functions changed, i.e. remove unused imports and remove single-use variables to make the code easier to read.

Attached the updated patch.
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