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Date 2015-11-14.12:51:43
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> The patch also makes a little refactoring. STRINGLIB(fastsearch_memchr_1char) now is renamed and split on two functions STRINGLIB(find_char) and STRINGLIB(rfind_char) with simpler interface.

Could you please push this part of the change? It looks good to me.


The C library provides a wmemchr() function which can be used to search for a wchar_t character inside a wchar_t* string.

* for 16-bit wchar_t (ex: Windows, AIX), it can be used for Python UCS2 strings
* for 32-bit wchar_t (ex: Linux, Mac OS X), it can be used for Python UCS4 strings

I don't know if the type is signed or not. If the type is signed, we have to ensure that wmemchr() works as expected.


I didn't review carefully your new heuristic to search for a character.

Did you try to not use memchr() but a simple C loop for UCS-2 and UCS-4?
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