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Date 2015-11-10.00:08:15
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I don’t think we patch 3.2 or 3.3 any more unless it is a security concern. That is why I removed them. I understand 3.4 is due for its last non-security release in a couple weeks.

I was actually referring to your original suggestion in <>, dressed up below:

except OSError:
    # Cannot rely on checking for EEXIST, since the operating system could give priority to other errors like EACCES or EROFS
    if not (exist_ok and path.isdir(name)):

There may be practical reasons to continue if a parent directory exists on a read-only FS. Some OSes can mount writable FSes inside read-only FSes. See <> involving Cygwin, and <> involving a Linux regression.

Anyway, I think I am happy with either your last fix or the first, with an appropriate comment, and hopefully also a test case.
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