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Author terry.reedy
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Date 2015-10-30.04:15:29
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#8231 will benefit if indirect imports of configHandler and idleConf into the user process can be eliminated.  I do not currently believe it is needed.  Not importing PyShell will go part way.

AutoComplete imports idleConf to get the popup delay. run imports AutoComplete to access fetch_completions -- in particular, the part after 'else', after the logic to determine which process the code is in and if in the idle process, whether to fetch in the idle process (-n) or user process.  Fetch_completions is a function and not properly a method -- it only uses self to access get_entity.  Get_entity is a two line function the also should not be a method.  It is only called at the one place and the only reason to not put in inline would be for testing.  The code after 'else' could be made a function in a separate module and the AutoComplete import eliminated.

CallTip does not import idleConf, nor does CallTipWindow or HyperParser or PyParse.
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