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Date 2015-10-29.04:53:38
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inspect.getdoc's helper _finddoc raises an AttributeError on encountering a property, which is silently discarded.

>>> class Foo(object):
...     @property
...     def foo(self):
...         """foobar."""
...         return 'foo'
>>> class Bar(Foo):
...     @property
...     def foo(self):
...         return 'bar'
>>> import inspect
>>> inspect.getdoc(
>>> inspect.getdoc(

How I came upon this was doing static code analysis, and the f.fget on line 522 here looks very wrong.

This code dedicated to supporting `property` does not work because of that, but also because a property is also a data descriptor so the 'property' branch is never executed.

>>> inspect.isdatadescriptor(property())
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