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Author martin.panter
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Date 2015-10-29.00:29:35
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I traced this down to part of revision 1da9630e9b7f (Issue #22896). If I revert the changes to CDataType_from_buffer() at <>, the crash no longer happens. I suspect the offending code is this, that is trying to stash the original buffer protocol supporting object into a memory view:

mv = PyMemoryView_FromBuffer(&buffer);
if (mv == NULL) {
    return NULL;
/* Hack the memoryview so that it will release the buffer. */
((PyMemoryViewObject *)mv)->mbuf->master.obj = buffer.obj;
((PyMemoryViewObject *)mv)->view.obj = buffer.obj;
//~ Py_INCREF(buffer.obj);
if (-1 == KeepRef((CDataObject *)result, -1, mv))
    result = NULL;

If I enable my INCREF() line it also stops the crash, but I guess at the expense of a memory leak.
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