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Date 2015-10-28.18:46:09
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Brett: I'll take a look.

Serhiy: I'm looking for a place to put some #defines related to the bit masks and bit values that my FORMAT_VALUE opcode is using for opargs. One option is to just put them in Tools/scripts/, so that they end up in the generated opcode.h, but that seems a little sleazy. I can't find a better place they'd belong, though.

Specifically, I want to put these lines into a .h file to use by ceval.c and compile.c:

/* Masks and values for FORMAT_VALUE opcode. */
#define FVC_MASK      0x3
#define FVS_MASK      0x4
#define FVC_NONE      0x0
#define FVC_STR       0x1
#define FVC_REPR      0x2
#define FVC_ASCII     0x3
#define FVS_HAVE_SPEC 0x4
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