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Date 2015-10-16.20:27:52
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I'm reviewing the patch, but it will take a time.

Wouldn't be simpler to use regular expressions instead of tokenizer?

For now Completer doesn't depends on the readline module, nor other global state. It can be used for completing in other environment, for example to complete words in IDE. Patched Completer retrieves additional information from the readline module. This can break existing code. It would be nice to decouple Completer from readline. In contrary to user file, we are free to invent new interfaces. May be add methods to the Completer class that provides needed additional information (nothing by default), and add Completer's subclass ReadlineCompleter that implements these methods using readline?

Found presumable bugs:

"import sy" doesn't suggest completion "sys".

"import os.p" doesn't suggest completion "os.path".
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