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Date 2015-10-04.16:19:18
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I thought you might be interested to know what the name suggests to a relative newcomer to asyncio.

When I saw this issue opened, I though "oh, good, an easy way to submit a coroutine from a thread in my test code, now I don't have to write 'loop.call_soon_threadsafe(loop.create_task, my_coroutine(loop=loop))".  Which I suspect you are going to tell me is stupid code, but the point is that that's what the name 'call_coroutine_threadsafe' made me think it was going to do.  After reading the linked issue I was very confused about what it was actually going to do, as I've never gotten around to looking up what ensure_future does.

If I'm understanding correctly now, I think my assumption was pretty much correct, and the only difference is that I get back something I can actually manipulate if I need to, making it even better, and which the documentation should make clear when I get to read it :)
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