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Date 2015-10-02.08:05:09
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Terry, I'll write here not to open the old ticket (yet). I'd argue listing all IDLE's under "Open with" is still the best option, rather than yet another menu option. First of all, there is nothing conceptually different about opening the file with IDLE vs. editing it with IDLE; .txt-files open with Notepad, .ppt-files open with Powerpoint, et cetera, and the later offers both editing and "running" as well. Second, it will probably solve this issue with shortcuts because I expect "Open with" not to have the same issue as our own submenu. If we do keep the direct "Edit with IDLE" option as well, it should be quick and direct. Perhaps it would be best just to revert to the old behavior. Otherwise, we can always use the latest available IDLE and improve IDLE to offer an option to choose which version of Python to run with. A next logical step would then be to make it respect the shebang if present, and make it the default version to run with.
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