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We now putting the such page on website, as PHP did?

I like the idea of being very explicit on EOL. It's a FAQ on mailing lists. Even for me, being involved in Python developments, it's not always easy to know the status of each branch. For example, I recently asked the question for Python 3.4 :-) The answer was that it will switch to security fixes only after the next 3.4.x release.

The EOL page must explain each stage of maintenance:

* development branch: any kind of change including new features
* bugfix: no new feature, only bugfixes including security fixes
* security fixes only: no more binary release, only source code release, only security fixes and some execeptional bugfixes (sorry, I don't know the exact rule for bugfixes at this stage)
* end of life: dead, no change at all

Python 2.6 reached its EOL or security fixes are still accepted?

I guess that Python <= 2.5, Python 3.0 and Python 3.1 are dead, right?
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