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Katie McLaughlin recently pointed me at PHP's summary page for the End-of-Life dates for their various releases:

That seems like a useful thing to offer, but we unfortunately don't currently have a great place for this kind of documentation:

- the main docs are version specific, while this kind of page should be version independent
- the update process, access control model and reader experience for is too different from that for the main documentation
- ditto for the wiki
- informational PEPs are closer from an access control perspective, but aren't generated with Sphinx and are still disconnected from the main docs from a reader perspective
- it's off-topic for the developer guide

The "right" answer seems to be setting up a separate "docs" project on to use as the landing page for and for version independent information like this (the redirects already defined as part of PEP 430 should continue to handle unqualified deep links into the Python 2 docs).

I'm not sure how much reconfiguration work such a change would entail, though.
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