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Date 2015-10-01.15:58:22
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Jeremy Kloth wrote:
> Please note, it is the only 64-bit Windows buildbot

That's not true anymore; in fact, all but David Bolen's XP and Windows 7 bots are 64-bit.  Yours is the one one in the 'stable' set, but that classification is a bit out of date for the whole set.  Current 64-bit Windows bots are yours, David Bolen's Windows8 and Windows10 bots, and my Windows8.1 Non-Debug bot.

> AND the only multi-core Windows buildbot.

This is still true, though.

Victor Stinner wrote:
> Is Python much slower on Windows?

I think the test suite is significantly slower on Windows; I'm not certain about Python itself.  It routinely takes well over 20 minutes on my Windows machines.  The fact that the bot in question compiles in Debug configuration may also be playing into it; Debug config links with the debug CRT, which enables a bunch of extra checks at the CRT level.
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