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Author vstinner
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Date 2015-09-29.08:01:48
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test_marshal crash on Windows AMD64 since the first build of the "AMD64 Windows10 2.7" buildbot:

It crashs since this build of the "AMD64 Windows8 2.7" buildbot:


    Change #43682
    Category 	None
    Changed by 	Zachary Ware <>
    Changed at 	Thu 16 Jul 2015 05:42:04
    Branch 	2.7
    Revision 	ca78b9449e040abf313659ea00ddcb6b20a68830

    Close #24508: Backport the 3.5 MSBuild project files.

    The old project files move to PC/VS9.0 and remain supported.

    VS2008 is still required to build 2.7; VS2010 (or later, plus Windows SDK 7.1)
    is *also* required to use the new project files.

Between builds 367 and 368, the number of warnings doubled: 404 warnings => 796 warnings.

Recent build:

[ 53/401] test_marshal
program finished with exit code -1073741571
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