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Date 2015-09-28.23:25:08
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Changes on ignoredirs:

Changeset 294f8aeb4d4b: "Implemented PEP 405 (Python virtual environments)."

-        tracer = trace.Trace(ignoredirs=[sys.prefix, sys.exec_prefix, libpath],
-                             trace=0, count=1)
+        tracer = trace.Trace(ignoredirs=[sys.base_prefix, sys.base_exec_prefix,
+                             libpath], trace=0, count=1)

Changeset b43f14c103bb: "#5656: detect correct encoding of files when reporting coverage in, and ignore files in the temporary direct"

-        import trace
-        tracer = trace.Trace(ignoredirs=[sys.prefix, sys.exec_prefix],
+        import trace, tempfile
+        tracer = trace.Trace(ignoredirs=[sys.prefix, sys.exec_prefix,
+                                         tempfile.gettempdir()],

Changeset 308c193f51e3: "adds -T option for code coverage.  The implementation is a fairly simpleminded adaptation of Zope3's -T flag."

+        tracer = trace.Trace(ignoredirs=[sys.prefix, sys.exec_prefix],
+                             trace=False, count=True)
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