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Date 2015-09-28.03:25:14
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I first testing the workaround by selecting text and then clicking on another window, and the highlight stayed.  I commented out "self._highlight_workaround()", quit, started again, tested again, and the highlight disappeared.  I added the new line above, retested, and the hightlight stayed.

Debugger source highlighting again does not work for me on Win7 in any installed or repository version, before or after the patch. See #25254. The patch does immediately fix at least part of the find issue. I will review them later.

While the report above implies that I committed to 3.4 and merged forward, there is a screw-up in the repository that prevented merging, so I backed out the 3.4 patch before pushing.  So only 2.7 is patched and this issue is not done.
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