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Date 2015-09-23.21:51:30
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Victor and I have been discussing this on IRC.  We agreed that importing from regrtest and running regrtest as a script needs to keep working.

Summary of my disagreements: I'm leery of wholesale changes to regrtest
because we have gotten bug reports when we've broken things before.  Obviously it's not in the same problem-class as breaking Python, but I'd rather see us start a new command that drops the cruft and just does the things we really use, and stop maintaining regrtest.  However, I'm not in a position to do that work, and Victor has no interest in it.  So, I'm -0.5 on a big refactoring of regrtest (but have no objection to the new features :).  I won't block the change, I'd just prefer a cleaner solution...but don't have the time to implement it myself.
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