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Author vstinner
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Date 2015-09-23.11:57:35
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Serhiy Storchaka wrote:
You can just mover parts of the code into utility files (or to the 
package) without converting to a package. This preserves 
compatibility with running Lib/test/ as a script.

Does it really matter? Who runs directly Lib/test/ It's simple to replace Lib/test/ with -m test (or -m test.regrtest), no?

Serhiy Storchaka wrote: "Global variables are not evil in a script. Are there other reasons besides 

It's much easier to split a long function using multiple small functions when no global variable is used. I also like OOP, so I created a class. Should I understand that you don't like classes and would prefer to keep flat functions?

Martin Panter wrote:
"I never used --single, but quickly looking at the code, it looks like the pynexttest file got stored in /tmp or similar, via tempfile.gettempdir(), so it should usually survive. However it looks like your patch now creates “pynexttest” in a temporary directory that gets removed at the end?"

Ah ok, it's /tmp. I misunderstood the code. I understand that it creates a temporary subdirectory and write into the temporary subdirectory which will be removed.

Berker Peksag: "I like the new features, but I think we should take a look at issue 10967 before converting it to a package or refactoring it."

Even if we move some features to unittest, I don't think that will be reduced to fewer than 100 lines of code. By the way, most reusable code is in test.regrtest is much more specific to the CPython test suite, no?

Berker Peksag: "The buildbot part is also a bit complicated. For example, support.verbose doesn't work correctly on builtbots: issue 23235."

Sorry, I don't see the link with this issue. How are these two issues related?
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