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Would it be possible to grep out the warning messages, but let everything
else through?
On Sep 19, 2015 1:34 PM, "Brett Cannon" <> wrote:

> Brett Cannon added the comment:
> The problem with the output is that error cases are unimportant and yet it
> fooled Skip into temporarily caring until he finally noticed the warning
> message. So my worry is that someone doesn't notice the "NOTE: ignore
> errors as they don't affect anything" and then glances at the output to
> notice an error and then worries that their PGO run failed.
> It people really want to add output back in, though, they will need to
> patch both the Makefile to have a big NOTE in it as well as the README to
> say that any errors during the test suite run are unimportant and do not
> affect the outcome of the profile-guided optimizations.
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