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Date 2015-09-18.20:57:18
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This is 3.5+ only as 2.7 does not have the module and 3.4 does not have the 2 test_xyz_tb functions that failed. This works OK on Win7.

C:\Users\Terry>python -m test -v test_code_module
== CPython 3.5.0 (v3.5.0:374f501f4567, Sep 13 2015, 02:27:37) [MSC v.1900 64 bit (AMD64)]
==   Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1 little-endian
==   hash algorithm: siphash24 64bit
==   C:\Users\Terry\AppData\Local\Temp\test_python_4952
Testing with flags: sys.flags(debug=0, inspect=0, interactive=0, optimize=0, dont_write_bytecode=0, no_user_site=0, no_site=0, ignore_enviro
nment=0, verbose=0, bytes_warning=0, quiet=0, hash_randomization=1, isolated=0)
[1/1] test_code_module
test_banner (test.test_code_module.TestInteractiveConsole) ... ok
test_cause_tb (test.test_code_module.TestInteractiveConsole) ... ok
test_console_stderr (test.test_code_module.TestInteractiveConsole) ... ok
test_context_tb (test.test_code_module.TestInteractiveConsole) ... ok
test_ps1 (test.test_code_module.TestInteractiveConsole) ... ok
test_ps2 (test.test_code_module.TestInteractiveConsole) ... ok
test_syntax_error (test.test_code_module.TestInteractiveConsole) ... ok
test_sysexcepthook (test.test_code_module.TestInteractiveConsole) ... ok

What system did you use? (System dependence is odd, but there it is ;-)

The obvious fix is to reduce 'expected' to the common part, and at least for the second test, split into 2 assertIns.
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