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Date 2015-09-18.13:43:29
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Ok, I pushed a first fix for Python 3.6. The changeset 8b0c2c7cb4a7 keeps getentropy() on OpenBSD, but it explicitly excludes getentropy() on Solaris ("!defined(sun)"). It adds support for the getrandom() function. As the EINVAL error will be fixed in the final version of Solaris 11.3, I chose to not support this specific error.

@John Beck: Does it look good to you? Can you test it? You may have to manually modify the code to not pass a value too large to getrandom() until the Solaris kernel is fixed.

If John and buildbots are happy, I will backport the change to Python 2.7, 3.4 and 3.5.
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