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Date 2015-09-16.14:14:18
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The issue as I understand it is that, on this particular Windows 8.1 system, passing a non-NULL lpEnvironment to CreateProcess works when starting a native 64-bit executable, but fails when starting a 32-bit executable via the WOW64 system. The child process instead gets an empty environment block. 

As an additional check, run the following command in 64-bit cmd.exe:

    start "" /I "%SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\cmd.exe"

The /I option of the start command passes the shell's original environment to CreateProcess, so it should exhibit the same empty-environment problem when starting 32-bit cmd.exe. In this case you'll get cmd's default environment, which includes COMSPEC, PATHEXT, and PROMPT.

Since inheriting the current environment works in all cases and passing a custom environment works for 64-bit executables, the workaround that I suggested is to use shell=True to pass your custom environment to the shell. The 32-bit executable thus inherits the custom environment from the shell. If using shell=True is a security concern, then you can replace it with a Python script that executes and waits for the child process. 

> when passing shell=True everything worked - except 
> when passing `cwd` as well, then it's broken again.

Since the shell executes the file, a relative path is resolved against the shell's working directory. If you set the latter via the cwd parameter, then pass the file's path as either relative to the cwd path or as a fully qualified path.
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