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Author markroseman
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Date 2015-09-13.23:44:39
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Proposal for an alternative or perhaps replacement of both the code context extension, as well as the class browser (rooted at a particular file, not the path browser).

I'll direct your attention to the attached browser.png. On the right is IDLE's class browser window of On the left, I've got the same file loaded into TextMate. 

In the TextMate status bar, it shows you where you're currently located (here, in the __init__ function). When you click on that part of the status bar, it brings up a scrollable menu showing the structure of the file. I think it's easier to read than IDLE's, despite having more information (description of the parameters), thanks to reduction in 'chart junk'.

Downside of this approach is that you can't have a window along the side so you can navigate the code while seeing the class display. Though that might best be achieved if IDLE added a sidebar, rather than a true separate window.
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