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Author eric.smith
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Date 2015-09-09.23:57:41
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This implements the accepted PEP 498. The only other real change I plan on making is to do dynamic memory allocation when building the expressions that make up a JoinedStr AST node. The code has all of the places to do that already laid out, it's just a matter of hooking it up.

There's one nit where I accept 'f' and 'F', but the PEP just says 'f'. I'm not sure if we should accept the upper case version. I'd think not, but all of the other ones (b, r, and u) do.

I need to do one more scan for memory leaks. I've rearranged some code since the last time I checked for leaks, and that's always a recipe for some sneaking in.

And I need to write some more tests, mostly for syntax errors, but also for a few edge conditions.

Comments welcome.
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