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thanks for the draft!

I'm not sure how to describe this properly. The extension names are derived from

and this again is derived from the GNU triplets/quadruplets.

there is no "cpu" and "os" part, depending on the architecture some ABI parts are either encoded in the "cpu" part or the "os" part.

So what about just enumerating the most common cases (i386-linux-gnu, x86_64-linux-gnu, arm-linux-gnueabi (still used for the old Raspberry Pi), arm-linux-gnueabihf), and then point to the "spec"? The above examples have some irregular cases, most other cases just follow the triplets.

I wouldn't mention x86_64-linux-gnux32 explicitly. Until now there are only unreleased or experimental distros.

Not sure if it is worth mentioning that this would allow distributing "fat" wheels.
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