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Date 2015-09-09.08:31:21
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> Maybe we can special-case pip uninstalling it from the site-packages folder? *Paul* - any thoughts?

Sorry, I've been following this thread but it's been moving pretty fast, so I'm probably replying too late to be helpful now :-(

One alternative thought I had was to bundle vcruntime140.dll in a separate wheel, which other wheels can depend on. Then we get pip's usual dependency resolution to handle ensuring that the runtime is present.

It's possible to special-case vcruntime, what I'd do is modify distutils to omit vcruntime140.dll from the RECORD file - then nothing (pip, distlib, other install tools) views the vcruntime file as being "owned" by a particular package. I'm not overly keen on that solution, though, as it's clearly a hack and would be a maintainability issue going forward. But it does keep the code changes isolated to the core, rather than needing pip/setuptools changes.
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